Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finished! (Well, almost.)

We had our walk-through with HiLine yesterday. We made a small "punch list" to be completed by HiLine subs, including:  doorbell, some lighting, windows, and sheetrock touch ups.

The electrician came out yesterday to remedy the light situation only to find that HiLine had, again, provided the wrong light. He will have to come back.

Really love how the kitchen/great room turned out:

Inspection should be done Thursday, so if all goes well, we will be moving in this weekend!


Katie Noah said...

HI Penny. I love following your story! We are building with HiLine right now as well. Can you tell me what carpet that is? it looks great.

Thanks! Enjoy your new home!!

Penny said...

Northern Parkway, Lodge is what our invoice from F&W floors says. Be sure to double check, I changed from a brown to this gray and I am not positive they changed the name on the paperwork. (Better safe than sorry!) I hope your build is going smoothly! Do you have a blog? I would love to follow along! ~Penny

Katie Noah said...

Wow that carpet is the exact carpet I chose! And we have the same cabinets. I wasn't able to do the door and trim upgrade right now...figure it's something I could always invest in later, but I loooove how yours has turned out. Just gorgeous! We are just at the framing stage right now so it's nice to see a recent finished product with a similar style to put my mind at ease. :)
I don't have a blog, but I've been posting an album on FB that our friends and family follow with details in the captions. I'm happy to share. :) Feel free to look me up!
How do you feel about how your process has gone now that you are at the end? Was it timely and easy to work with? Would love your insight.
Katie Noah

Penny said...

Katie- I would love to share our experience, especially if it helps with your expectations as you go through the process. Would email be ok? My email is, if that works for you.~Penny

Bryan Hubbard said...

Great work! Though it's too bad your supplier messed up with the lights. But other than that, everything seems like it is good to go. As there should not be any more problems in installing the lights, you guys must be stoked on how everything turned out. Congratulations!

Bryan Hubbard @ Douthit Electrical

dogging said...

Hello! Loved reading your blog and seeing the pics. I'm considering embarking on the same journey and was wondering if you could/would give an honest opinion of Hiline homes......quality vs. price, etc. They are a company I'm considering here in Oregon,
Thanks so much and hope you're loving your home!