Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Not surprisingly, the finish date has been pushed back--again. Carpet has been our holdup. There are several things that happen after carpet is installed, so until then, we are at a standstill.

We are also waiting on the electricians to finish correcting all the lighting. 

August 8th is our the date we have been given for carpet install. I am still puzzled as to how this is the item holding things up. We ordered their standard carpet and during the ascribed time. But, it is what it is!

Mike, the trim guy, is amazing! Trim, doors, etc. look beautiful. Any little concern I had (and there were very few) he fixed. He had to install all the base trim in the bedrooms BEFORE carpet because of the delay. I am worried about the carpet layers damaging the trim (stay tuned!).

All the plumbing hardware is in. Both bathrooms are complete except switching out the dome lights.

Master bath:
Kid's bath:
We have been busy with concrete the last few days. A couple days of prep and framing, one fast and furious day of pouring and a few more of getting our colored patio just right before sealing tonight.
Back patio...an adventure in DIY color and stamping:

So, I am really hoping this wraps up by start of school and football!

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