Friday, May 16, 2014

We've Been Framed!

The framers finished up on Wednesday.

Next week, the plumber comes back to make a correction (The guest bedroom currently has sink hook-ups. Measure twice...) and do all the top in. The roofers are also scheduled to be in soon--I was hoping soon enough to beat the rain, but looks like things might get wet.  

We got the flooring and tile estimate from F&W. It is right about what we expected. We may scale back some of our (my!) add-ons, so we can stay on budget. Hardwood floors are my priority, the rest can wait. 

Above is the latest sample/color pallet for the living room/kitchen/dining space. Opinions, suggestions welcome! My current thought is to wait on backsplash and do it ourselves, with help (Jimmy?Gary?) from some expert DIYers.

The kitchen island is framed. That is the front door and window over the sink (left).

After the roof is complete, we are supposed to receive a schedule to completion.

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