Thursday, May 1, 2014

Busy couple days

Quite a lot has happened over the past few days. The floor joists were installed yesterday.
I think we are waiting for inspection before the framing continues. 

While this was happening at ground zero, I travelled to Roseburg to the HiLine office, to choose some of our finishes. Todd took me out to a HiLine house that is near completion, that has the granite we had chosen (Santa Cecilia). It looked great with the nutmeg alder cabinets.

The HiLine office includes a model kitchen that is the exact set up as ours will be. Our cabinets will be 6in taller, other than that, this will be our kitchen:

Next, I headed to F&W floors where Jo helped me choose flooring and laminate countertops (for the bathrooms).

Kitchen cabinets and granite, and floors (engineered acacia hardwood) for the living room, dining room and kitchen:

Ceramic tile for the entries:

I designed a very simple backsplash for the kitchen, using the travertine and small metal medallions.

Jo will send me an estimate soon to see if all these options fit in our budget!

We have also hit a few snags. The septic system is becoming a project of epic proportion, both in scope and cost. Not sure how it will all shake out. We are also, concerned about the height of the garage versus the road and driveway. I would hate to finally have that attached garage and then it be under water. Todd assures us that all is well...I sure hope so!

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