Wednesday, February 26, 2014

At the speed of cold molasses...we are off!

Now that the flurry of signing is over, we seem to be at a near standstill.  We are waiting on all the aforementioned approvals and on Hi Line to complete our engineered plans with our modifications.  After a trip to the county planning department (and a visit with an amazingly patient employee, Chris), I do feel like we are making progress, if agonizingly slow progress.

In the meantime, I am doing some research for future (hopefully NEAR future) decisions we will be making.  Flooring is the big one.  Hi Line allows us to 'shop' at their chosen flooring contractor.  We get credit for a portion of the standard flooring if we choose to upgrade.  The allowance is small, of course, and the upgrades are pricy, of course.  So first we need to decided what our IDEAL flooring is and then price our the difference.  I am not opposed to a laminate, but feel pushed to a hardwood or engineered hardwood, if we are going to upgrade.  I have difficulty envisioning the space with cabinets, counters, etc. so that I can 'see' what will work.  

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