Friday, January 10, 2014

Moving right along!

So, we have chosen Hiline Homes as our builder. 

I would say that it was less about a process of elimination and more that we went with the company we felt most comfortable with.  From my research and contact with Adair and Simplicity, they were both helpful and professional, and had comparable products and service to Hiline.

We toured our friends' Hiline Home and felt very comfortable with the finished product and their experience, as they related it. They have lived in their home for two years and have no major complaints and plenty of praise for the process and the company.  And, ironically, after looking at soooooooooo many floor plans, we continued to come back to the same Hiline plan...that turnsout to be the plan our friends have!

We are pre-preapproved for financing. I have contacted a local excavation/road construction company to schedule an estimate for site prep. We will be scheduling an appointment with Hiline (Jerry has been wonderful!) to go over all the details and really get the ball rolling.

Per my conversation with Jerry, we will be choosing upgrades ala carte and we also have a few structural modifications we will be making to the plan.

I would love input on:

Granite/natural stone vs Livingstone, etc.

Heating systems-what should we consider?

Hardwood/Laminate/Tile/Vinyl/Carpet/Slate-where and why?
Opinions, thoughts, things to consider?

Hope everyone is having a good new year!

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